How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes?

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes?

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In this article, I’ll share multiple ways to get free Amazon gift card codes.

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You can’t believe that doing something as simple as logging in a website and answering online surveys could garner you a free Amazon gift card.

Amazon is the largest online retail store in the US today. It all started with selling books online but has diversified into a multinational company selling various items like CD’s, DVD’s, MP3 downloads, household products, electronics, computer programs, toys, apparels and groceries. It has expanded to different countries like Canada, United Kingdom, France, China, Japan and Germany making international shopping possible. With the vast array of merchandise available, shopping is made easy in the comfort of your own home. helps the visitor to earn free Amazon gift cards taking surveys. In your free time you can participate in online surveys and earn Amazon gift card codes.

With your free Amazon gift card code, shopping online at Amazon is at your fingertips. In fact, many people prefer it this way to avoid stress cause by traffic or waiting too long in the counter lines. In fact, your inquiries regarding an item are better attended to because of the complete information you will get at the website. Since it is equivalent to cash, you can use this card to purchase anything you like at the online shop. You can even use this instead of a credit card. If you don’t want to use this card, you can even exchange it for cash. You will receive your free Amazon gift card code, either through electronic mail or regular postage. Take note of the 14 digits found on your gift card for this is being asked when making your purchase.

In making your first purchase, you have to log on to Click on the “gift cards”. At the left hand side there is a box that says “manage your cards”. Click on “apply to your account” and it will bring you up to the page that will require you to fill up your free Amazon gift card code that came with your free Amazon gift card. After filling in the required digits, you can start using the money to purchase anything you want in It’s as simple as that.

Anyone who receives a free Amazon gift card code will certainly love shopping online at Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s largest online store. Present in countries like the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany Japan and China, it has developed into a multinational retail company. They sell everything from food to computer software to home furnishings and even apparel. Anyone would want to shop at Amazon.

Given the chance to shop online for free, who wouldn’t want to grab it? The free amazon gift card codes are equivalent to cash. One can use it to purchase anything to his liking at the Amazon website. If you don’t want to purchase anything with it, you can trade it into cash on the internet. There are many ways to receive free Amazon gift card codes.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes?

The most common way of earning free gift card codes from Amazon is through taking surveys online. Not all survey sites give out free Amazon gift card codes as redemption from your feedback but most companies do. These companies want to know what you think of their products or services that they encourage you to answer surveys that will help them improve. In return, they will award you with cash, prizes or sweepstakes entries. Currently there are many survey sites that give free Amazon gift cards for taking surveys wherein you can join for free and earn.

Below is a list of survey sites that will pay you free Amazon gift cards for answering online surveys. All the companies listed below are 100% free to join and will not cost you a cent. Please make sure that you confirm your email id after joining each of them.

  1. 1. National Consumer Panel
  2. 2. E-poll surveys
  3. 3. Ipsos i-Say
  4. 4. Swagbucks
  5. 5. Pinecone Research

Another way of receiving free Amazon gift card codes is by reading emails. There are companies out there who want to pay you to read their advertising emails every day. All you have to do is to sign in your email address with them and read the email they sent. The more you read, the more you earn. The points you earn will accumulate in your account and can be redeemed through cash or gift cards from Amazon.

Joining Mechanical Turk is another way for you to earn free Amazon gift card codes. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a sister company of Amazon that allows you to do various tasks or called “hits” equivalent to a certain amount of money or gift cards. The cash can be transferred to a bank account of your choice or it can be converted into gift cards. Either which, it is still a nice payout for a job well done.

There are also websites in the internet that pays you to try on new things for them. These are called free trials. This is nice for people who want to try things first before actually buying a product or service. In return, these websites either pay you cash or gives out free Amazon gift card codes.

In conclusion, it is important that you choose a reliable website that truly gives out freebies. There are so many scams and schemes in the Internet nowadays. To find one that can be trusted takes time. Practice discretion at all times to avoid being fooled.

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